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James Smiley

- Over eighty 5 & 6 figure deals closed
- $210M in sales
- Taken business from $0 to $20M twice
- Silicon Valley IPO (TeleNav), and clients such as AT&T and Facebook
- Yahoo Finance publication named James a Top Under-40 Entrepreneur

Danny Veiga

- 2 Comma-Club Winner (aka 7-figure funnel builder)
- One of the most in-demand digital marketers on the internet today
- Create of several 6 to 7 figure funnels
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From the desk of James Smiley & Danny Veiga...
I believe everyone has a dream in their heart of something they want to do...something or someone they want to be.

And that "DREAM" has little to do with working a 9 to 5, sitting in traffic for hours a day, doing work that you hate, and slowly realizing that the more average and 'normal' you become, the more society sees you as "good".  

But your ambition keeps you staring out the window at work and wondering what it would be like if you didn’t have to go into work anymore… 

But then you remember those negative stats like...
- 93% of all entrepreneurs fail
- 9 out of 10 startups never turn a profit 

But you...  you're a real "go-getter"!  

So you tell yourself, "thank God I'm not one of those 93%ers... 

I'm in the 7%!!!"  

So you get moving on your idea and then...
"it" finally hits you

(It’s the same thing that hits everyone in your shoes...it brings about the same crappy feeling and the same downer emotions for everyone...) 

So what is it?  

It's the fact that...  
...You Don't Have The Confidence, The Foreknowledge,
Or The Sales Revenue To Make Your Dream A Reality!
Don't worry, it's not your fault!
And, we've all (truth be told) been there too.

So how do all those "others" who are seemingly so "successful" do it while you seem to always struggle with unpredictable revenue and slow to no growth at all? 

Well, let me tell you a "dirty" little secret.... 

The "others" are either not telling you the truth (believe it or not, but that does happen)...

Or, the ones who are seeing their dreams become a reality, 

have found ways to leverage knowledge that already exists so they don't have to go about everything from scratch! 

Because as you know first-hand, when you go about everything from scratch... 

You need a lot of time... and a lot of MONEY
Do you ever feel alone or like you're learning
everything from trial and error on your own?
I know you do...we've all been there.

And you feel that way... 

only because you really ARE alone and learning everything yourself. 

LOOK...what people rarely mention when they talk about the above stat...(the 93% failure stat),  

is that those people who fail say their #1 reason they failed is really because of ONE MAJOR THING...  
...They Run Out Of MONEY!
And so...  
why do they run out of money?
I just told you above. 

(Did you catch it? If not, let me say it again...) 
They run out of money because they fail to setup their business so they can learn from knowledge that already exists!
I've grown two lines of business from $0 to over $20M before the age of 35...

and what I learned through all that is there are only two ways to never "run out of money"... 

1) Spend Less Money By Leveraging Knowledge (aka...coaching and mentoring)!!!

2) Make More Money By Actually SELLING SOMETHING!!! 
Do you want to know how Danny and I never run out of money for our big families (we both have multiple kiddos)?

We focus on selling every day! 

Yes, it’s that simple. 

You see... 

the coaching program on this page is not about giving you a bunch of secret hacks and apps we use to make our lives easier (all though you will absolutely get that...) 

...it's really not even about you finally realizing your dreams have become a reality...(although what you learn will help you get there faster than any “recorded video” could ever even imagine doing…) 


This coaching program is all about ONE THING... 
It’s about helping you forever solve the #1 issue all entrepreneurs face… the #1 reason all entrepreneurs fail…
this coaching program is all about showing you exactly how we make money so you can simple just copy and paste those exact tactics into your business as well.

...Would it be helpful if you knew exactly how Danny get leads for under $1 dollar?   

...Would it be helpful if you knew how we get optin rates between 50% and 80%? 
Those are just “table crumbs” compared to what you’re going to learn when you’re on the coaching call with us LIVE!

Even Michael Jordan said at his Hall of Fame speech that he needed a coach and that his coach got him from being great to being “the best”.   

Do you want to be average like all the others (the 93%ers)? 
Or…do you want to be THE BEST?

When you lay your head down at night… 
Do you see yourself as an average Joe…?
Or do you see yourself as “THE BEST”?

Then why hasn’t it happened for you yet? 
Don’t go another day like that.

Thanks for reading and we sincerely look forward to seeing YOU on the next coaching call – 
Reason You Need Coaching RIGHT NOW...
  •  Secrets We Use To Get Sales Quickly
  •  New Client Acquisition Hacks
  •  Consulting On Your Sales Funnel
  •  Secret Funnel Hacks We're Using To Close Massive Sales
  •  Hacks On How We Get More Traffic (and free traffic)
  •  Hacks On Getting More Leads (& free leads)
  •  Secrets On How To "Close" High Ticket Sales
  •   The Secrets To Amazon & eCommerce Sales
  •   Realtor & Mortgage Broker Sales Hacks
  •  Hacks On How People Write A Book In 30 Days Or Less
  •  Secrets To Podcasting (setup, syndication, etc.)
  •  Smartphone Video & Smartphone Marketing Secrets
  •  Coaching On How To Launch A Product Online
  •  Hacks To Creating A Product Or Service To Sell Online
  •  The Secrets To Amazon & eCommerce Sales
  •  Realtor & Mortgage Broker Sales Hacks
  •  We Coach People Globally (not just USA students)
  •  ...and much much more!
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  •  Personalized, LIVE Access Directly To Danny And James Via Two Monthly Coaching Calls
  •  Ask Anything, Especially Anything Related To Online Sales, Online Marketing, And Doing Business Online
  •  You Can Be An Advanced Marketer Or A Newbie With No Idea And You Want To Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey Online (we'll help you and give you the hacks and ideas to start off with no matter where you're at)
  •  Coaching Calls Are Video Conference Style And Include LIVE Screenflows And Walk-Throughs
  •  Students Ask Questions And The Answers Are Recorded, "Time-stamped", And Added Into Your Membership Area
When are the coaching sessions?
Calls are held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 6 PM CST
What if I miss a call?
We still answer your question in full if you've submitted a questions.  Your question / answer is recorded, time-stamped, and added into the membership area for you to easily review at anytime.
What is "group coaching"?
It is professional, personalized coaching for YOU and your business.  It happens over video conference calls twice a month. 

Students can Chat (type in) questions or submit questions early before the calls.  
Why are you guys doing this?
We encounter 100's of entrepreneurs each month who are struggling to reach their financial goals ($1000, $3000, $5000, or $10,000 per month).  We got together and said "let's help these guys..."  

This is your chance to get that personalized business coaching you need directly from Danny and James without having to pay $10,000 per month or more!
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